Been sad for a while now.

I loved my aquarium. . . I put a ton of money and work into it and after hitting hard times I was unable to have it where I was living so when a friend offered to keep it at her home I agreed so that I would not lose the livestock I had and have to start new.

Little did I know that would be the worst decision I could have ever made.

At the time I had lost my home as my wife had no income and my disability income was unable to pay for an apartment, utilities, and food. We were staying in an RV and were lucky to have it. My former friend also had a refrigerator that we had gotten when times were better and it is gone as well.

My former friend had borrowed money of the years from me, which I loaned due to not wanting her and her two daughters to be out in the street. Seems that when she was better off I was worthless. I have absolutely no idea where my tank, ro system or anything else I had at her home went to as she moved without even contacting me.

I put my heart and soul into the aquarium I built and greatly miss it every day. I haven't even been able to update this site as it pains me greatly to admit it truly is gone.

If you ever come across a large aquarium like my 38 gallon tank, look at the top and if you see "NightShade" signed with a date you will know exactly who built it.


Wow, too much going on to say it all!!

Well, the last few months have been really. . . hectic to say the least. I don't want to really whine about things so I am going to try and stick to what has been happening with the tank for the most part.

The biggest thing that has happened right now personally is I lost my job working for someone I thought was my friend. One of those things, it just happens sometimes. He is a real jerk and I know what goes around comes around so I'm not worried about it.


Learned something new in the last few days about RO membranes that I never knew. 

Over at, Melev talks about his RO/DI system and how leaving your system off can actually allow your TDS to increase the next time your system starts up sending over 100 TDS (Total Disolved Solids) to your DI resin.

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