Got some live rock today. . . finally!

Well was in Oklahoma city today doing some stuff and had a few bucks to spare so I got about 10 pounds of live rock for my tank. It's not the greatest stuff in the world no real coralline algae growing on it though one rock has a few spots of red on it. But I got it arranged around a bit and my crabs took to it really quick and my damsel is already swimming in and out and around the rockwork. I put a 2 inch piece of PVC in the back underneath it all with a little opening on either end that she can go in and out of the back (I kinda call her Starlamarie -- inside joke -- and the rest of the family have named her miss bitch. . . also assuming female fish LOL).

And i know it may sound weird with all my big plans, but I am really grinning from ear to ear watching her swim in, out, and around everything. I can't wait to get a few things fixed up like upgrade fans cooling the t-5's, some more live rock, new t-5 bulbs, protein skimmer, and maybe a few other little things. Then I can start to incorporate some corrals an anemone and hopefully a pair of gold maroon clowns. But hey all things in due time, I have taken it all pretty slow and things have worked out so far for the best.

Will post a couple pics of how I got everything setup and maybe even a couple of miss Starlamarie going in and out if I can.

Edit: Got the pictures added and a my other family members decided they needed to post a little reply which you can probably see below, LOL. And the pictures are really on the yellow side for some reason but waiting on my replacement t-5 bulbs to come in right now I just have a 100 watt equivalent twist florescent bulb in for light but just fish with live rock for now so no biggy.