Got my RO/DI unit today and already up and running.

OK, got my RO/DI unit in today and after picking up a couple parts from Home Depot and a couple hours of tinkering off and on got it up and running.


RO/DI Unit

My setup is just a bit unique though. I picked up 25 feet of clear 1/4" tubing and plumbed my refrigerators ice maker in line as well. The supply of water when first turned on his enough to make ice but I doubt you would want to stand there to get a glass of water. To do that you would need a check valve and a pressure storage tank. You can see I also used a piece of clear tubing for my RO water, I have a 2.5 gallon jug that sits in the fridge for drinking water and don't want to worry if my wife grabbed the wrong line to fill the jug up with should she choose to do so.

If I make any large amount of water I am going to just pull the waste water line and drop it into the washer and wash a load of clothes while I am at it rather than run 30 or 40 gallons of water down the drain. I also picked up a TDS meter and tested my water today. The Oklahoma City water where I am at is running at about 369 TDS right now. After the RO it is running at about 49 and after the DI it is 3, huge difference in water quality. Hopefully I will see those numbers get a little better after the RO because the water still being that high will make the DI take a huge hit quick.