Caught the CRASE in OKC!

I got to go have a fun time yesterday, had to get up a bit early (I am a night owl) and headed off to downtown Oklahoma City to catch the CRASE Oklahoma Marine Aquarium Show.


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Looks like Marc got some really good pics taken of the CRASEy event so check it out as well if you haven't already.


While there I got to meet Marc Levenson of MelevsReef and listen to some great information about LED lighting, Octopi and marine animal poisons and toxins.  Was able to see some really interesting frags and some gorgeous clams.  As well as meet some people who are really interested in marine tanks.  There were a few people who I spoke with here and there and I was actually surprised they had actually never heard of sites like reef central or Melev's reef so I handed a few cards with my website on them and told them to go check out my links section.

Marc Levenson taking some pics. . . no he really isn't this tall:


I really had a lot of fun looking around at all the different colors of zoa's that were available.  I pretty much decided that I want my current tank to end up with almost a carpet of zoa's growing on the rocks on one end and a leather that I picked up growing on the other.  I picked up 3 zoa frags one which was half and half with a aqua green color on one side of the frag and the other with a purplish color on the other, another frag has a couple polyps that are maroon centered with long feathery green edges and the rest of the frag is covered with a light green edged and centered polyps with an orange ring, and the last frag I got has a burnt orange center and dark green edges.  So that actually brings me to six different colored polyps in my tank, OH and my first two polyps that I got about a month ago has sprung a third!!  I know it's bad but I got everything added to my tank last night and within about 20 minutes of adding them they had all pretty much opened up happy to absorb the light.  This morning when I woke up two had shifter from their spots but I swapped them around and I think I have them all where I want them now. 

Some frags from Village Frags:

Some of the clams. . . a bit blue but you can get the picture:

Some of my new frags:



I also picked up 8 pounds of some dry rock from Marco Rocks who was also there with some new product they are trying out which is their dry rock that has some pre cut flat edges that allow you to silicone to your tank wall for aquascaping.  I already added it to my tank even though I probably should have let it cycle on it's own for a bit  but I doubt I will see any problems with such a small amount of rock when I have about 50 pounds of sand and 10 pounds of rock already in place.  The pieces I got were a bit on the bigger side compared to what I already have but I placed them on the bottom and took some of my ugly pieces and placed them more towards the back with some of the pieces I like the best on top and towards the front.




And here is how my tank is looking now.  Still have to get some epoxy to attach the frags down but I like the way it looks: