Auto top off

My 38 gallon tanks auto top off setup is kinda interesting. I have a float valve in my sump which is normal enough but I am pulling the water through a siphon from two 5 gallon jugs which are in turn in a siphon themselves.

I have posted some pics below to show how it is all setup, but this has been working for me for almost two months now with zero hiccups.


Float valve in sump.

Water jugs sitting on stand beside tank.  Water level is equal a siphon is started between the jugs as well as in the 1/4" line from the left jug to the float valve above.

Water level in water jugs.

Water jugs at different levels, just raised jug on the right to sit on a couple phone books.  Note the difference in water level.

Water level almost equalized.  As the levels get closer they equalize at a slower rate.

Removed the phone books, water level higher in left hand jug.

Water levels equalizing again.  Note the tubes inserted into each jug.  The 1/4" line takes water to the sump and the other line keeps the jugs equal.


All of the pictures are taken in about a total of 5 minutes so the level does equalize pretty quickly.  And to prevent breaking the siphons I top the jugs up when they are at about 1/3 full.  Normally this takes about 7 or 8 gallons and I just siphon water from a third 5 gallon jug that I have.