Was out of town for a few days

Well we decided to head out of town for a few days this last week.  Wasn't anything really major took our little RV down to Lawton on Wednesday night so I could do a few things and then headed to the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge for a couple days of relaxing and making a few fixes and adjustments on the RV.


It was an enjoyable trip except for a hard bed and worrying about a power failure, pump clog, timer malfunction, etc.  Ya know all the stresses of leaving your tank at home alone, but I have to say everything worked flawlessly.  The water is crystal clear and adding a third jug of water to my auto top off system was not needed but still added a little piece of mind.


The last time that we left we were gone for about 8 days on a trip to Las Vegas and had some friends coming over to check on things and give a quick feeding though mainly to add some water as I did not have my auto top off at that time.  But all is well and looking good so other than that not much to report but figured might as well  drop an update anyway.