A really rough time

Well have been busy lately, not too much to talk about tank wise.  Still have a problem with the bulbs not lasting as long as they should and have at least one out right now that has to be replaced.


The real major development has been in my personal life, I have been busy doing some things to help a friend and was on my way back to help him out some more after being home a couple days and was running a really high fever.  Finally got warm and was still really sick the next day so headed to the ER.  Had a really bad staph infection that was running rampant through my whole body, ended being treated as an outpatient through the ER for almost two weeks with the first seven days receiving an antibiotic called Vibativ to help knock the infection down.  I also learned that I am allergic to Bactrim and let me tell you that itching and burning from head to toe really is no fun when you plain just don't feel good.  The infection site was also lanced a few times to help keep everything draining which is absolutely no fun at all.  The main reason why I was not treated as an inpatient is because the IV antibiotic lasted for about 24 hours.

I am finally starting to feel better now, besides a few minor things, being weak and tired for one and still a general feeling of blah.  Not anything that most people would be interested in but I do want to say that if you do end up having an infection of some sort of infection and start to notice problems get yourself checked out right away, I waited because I figured it was nothing really and it almost ended my life.  So please learn from my mistake on this one had I waited much longer I would not be saying the same things about getting better.