Thinking about some things

Well was thinking about a few things after a spoke with a couple yesterday at Petco who just got a saltwater tank.  They had one "a long time ago" but were going to "hit the books" to learn a lot more things.  I told them to check out reef central for a lot of information and hopefully will see them at the next COMAS meeting as I told them about that as well and they are actually not far from where the meetings are held.


So anyway I figured it was about time to write a few things down that I have dealt with in my own RO/DI system and some of the things I have looked up while trying to figure out how to use my system at maximum efficiency.  Hopefully it helps out a few people who have had a lot of the same questions I have had.


Why do I need an RO/DI system?

And while you are at it you may want to look at the RO/DI filter information i have compiled so far.

RO/DI filter comparison.