Wow, too much going on to say it all!!

Well, the last few months have been really. . . hectic to say the least. I don't want to really whine about things so I am going to try and stick to what has been happening with the tank for the most part.

The biggest thing that has happened right now personally is I lost my job working for someone I thought was my friend. One of those things, it just happens sometimes. He is a real jerk and I know what goes around comes around so I'm not worried about it.

So I have moved again and really downsized; most everything my wife and I own is in a storage unit, we are living in our RV and basically getting by with the money we have saved and using the money from a couple investments that kinda paid off.

The big question here for most people will be, " Ok, So this is NightShade's Reef so where is your tank?" The answer to that is actually not a bad one, I still have my reef it is doing pretty well but it is at a friends house. My friend said that she had room for it and her daughters wanted to help take care of it. It's a little over a mile from where I am staying so I can drop by most any time and see how things are going and make sure nothing is wrong. The move really wasn't bad, I drained all of the tank water and Sump water I could into five gallon jugs and put the live rock into buckets of water. The only thing left in the tank was the sand with enough water to keep it submerged. I used an appliance dolly and loaded the tank sump and stand into a U-haul and unloaded it at my friends house directly onto her front porch. Wheeled the cabinet into the designated area and added everything back into the tank. A couple days later I got the top section that holds the lights back on and everything has been doing very well since.

It is kinda sad that I can't keep the tank with me but I am happy that it will be safe and since I had been working in a different town than my tank anyway to begin with it's not too difficult to handle. I did loose a few of my zoa's one that was really hard hit were the brown with green skirts. Our room mate where we were living in Oklahoma City was not keeping an eye on things like she should have been and the lights were off for weeks at a time so all of the zoa's I had really got hit hard. But it's all perking back up and looking a lot better now. I still need to arrange the rock again and need to drill a hole or two to put some of my frag plugs in to keep the corrals from falling over but that is nothing major right now.

But for right now everything is working out and when I get a chance I will get some pics posted of how the tank is looking.