My 38 gallon tank setup.

I custom built the stand to basically hold a slice of the ocean. The stand is made with a 3/4" plywood with a birch veneer that has been glued and nailed at the corners and the bottom has been screwed together as well. The display is a 38 gallon tank with a divider placed in one end and the bottom drilled. The sump is 29 gallons with Plexiglas dividers that I put in myself. All of the return lines and electrical lines are in a section of the stand that is hollow so none of them are visible.

Below is a full tank shot taken with my cell phone, it is a bit on the yellow side and I hope to get some live rock in soon and build it up along the right hand side. And I will move the corral that is laying in the tank into another 29 I have around and will transplant my damsel there too. I eventually want a pair of gold stripe maroon clowns with a few corrals a couple mushrooms and a few tube worms as well as an anemone for the clowns to take care of. When I build the rock I am planning to put in some PVC pipe so there are hiding spots and ways in, out and through the rockwork.

Lighting and filtration.

The lighting is provided by an 2ft IceCap T5 4-Lamp Complete Retrofit Kit (with ballast and reflectors)

The tank drains into a filter sock and then through the sump and into a Danner Mag-Drive Supreme 9.5 950 GPH Water Pump , part of the flow is divirted into another chamber in the sump that acts as a refugium where I have cheato growing.

Here are a few pictures of my tank before and after being built as well as while water testing.