Thanks for stopping by and checking out my reef project.

My name is John and I am a computer geek/jack of all trades. I enjoy building a lot of things as well as fixing things. I have done some plumbing, electrical, welding, woodworking, etc.

Main Tank

I currently have a 38 Gallon display with a 29 Gallon sump. I have about 50 pounds of live sand, four blue leg hermit crabs, a single blue damselfish, and I think there is one or two Nassarius Snails running around that my crabs have not eaten.  I also have an emerald crab a cleaner shrimp a hawaiian feather duster and 2 zoa polyps that are of undetermined type ( maroon base and green top )

This is built into a custom stand and is viewable from 3 sides and all plumbing and wiring will is hidden on the side which is partially enclosed by the cabinet.  My goal was to make it easy to move with minimal tear down and very very clean.

One very unique thing about my system is that my bio-load is so light that I do not make water changes and I plan to keep my load as light as possible. My goal is to build out a full reef tank with a few sps as well as lps corrals, an anemone with a pair of clownfish and keep my crabs and maybe see if I can get a couple snails to survive.

Other Tanks

I Have a 29 gallon tank as well that I picked up from a LFS that went out of business and after I get a sump built for this tank I will probably transfer my damsel into this tank and may go bare bottom when I do. Though I will likely not have much for corals in this tank unless I get some different lighting as the light is just a small fluorescent bulb.  I am planning to build a proper hood as close to the same style that the stand is built to as soon as I can and may sell this tank soon.


What am I looking at building next.

120 gallon, 48 x 24 x 24 AGA reef ready system.

Change of plans here for now.  55 gallon tank with 55 gallon sump, picked up the tank super cheap at petco's 1dollar per gallon sale.  Not drilled but I am sure an overflow can be put together and my thoughts are to build a stand hood combo that will be connected in the back to help support the hood so that it can be almost fully opening.  No decision on how everything will be setup but hopefully I will figure that all out in time.

Custom sump using a 55 gallon tank, resealed and using a modified berlin system, I already actually have the tank for a sump and I really can't wait to get something going but all things will come in time.