Moving. . . ughhh little help over here.

Well it's that time again. . . time to move. Have some opportunities that I am going to take advantage of but that does mean I have to move. Actually had pretty good luck finding a place and started actually moving on Monday when we signed our lease. I have been making a trip each day so far and have quite a bit moved already still have to move some pretty big items including my tank.


Learned something new in the last few days about RO membranes that I never knew. 

Over at, Melev talks about his RO/DI system and how leaving your system off can actually allow your TDS to increase the next time your system starts up sending over 100 TDS (Total Disolved Solids) to your DI resin.

A small video of my tank.

Just a little tank video.

Recorded a little video of my Damsel swimming around. Figured might as well upload it and let others see her swimming antics.

Just click read more to watch


A little hitch hiker in my tank.

Well had a small hitch hiker in my tank. Looks like aiptasia to me and I also posted on reef central and after one confirmation I decided to kill it. I picked it off of the rock, dug out the area where it was located and put vinegar on the area and let that sit for about 5 minutes to hopefully make sure that it will not come back. Then a quick rinse under some fresh cold RO water a little shake and back into the tank. Though I made sure to turn the rock so that I can make sure to be able to see the area that had the growth just in case it does come back.

Got some live rock today. . . finally!

Well was in Oklahoma city today doing some stuff and had a few bucks to spare so I got about 10 pounds of live rock for my tank. It's not the greatest stuff in the world no real coralline algae growing on it though one rock has a few spots of red on it. But I got it arranged around a bit and my crabs took to it really quick and my damsel is already swimming in and out and around the rockwork.

Caught one of my big crabs running around

Took this picture the other day with my cell phone of my big old crab running around the tank. Quality is not great but it gives you an idea of the size of this fella. Though i think it killed off most of my snails and a couple other crabs as well.

Finally got everything updated

Well was working on this site a couple months ago and started switching everything over to the Drupal site software. Had a few things come up and went on vacation out to Las Vegas with my Family. Been working among other things. . . and then I sprained my left foot, Ugghhhhh.

Well anyway couple good things have come out of me being laid up for week or so. One is this site getting updated, and getting a few things worked out.

I am going to try and add a few more pictures and some information on my tank and some of the info on how I made it as well as how everything is surviving.

New site setup

I have moved most everything over from my old site and added a few features. Had to reinstall the site software to try and get everything working but hope to have that completed soon.

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